Route map

[table caption=”Competition office Restaurant Pärjänkievari on Pärjänjoentie, where confirmation of entry and picking up of competition material.
Timetable 28.9.2019
08.00 The Competition office opens restaurant Pärjänkievari,
11.00 START 42 km Men and Women klo 12.00 START 21 km Men and Women. The starting point must be at least 5 minutes before the start.
16:00 Award ceremony Restaurant Pärjänkievari .

Drinking Points

Drink sports drink and water. Raisins, chokolate, chips, pickles.

there are 3 drinking points along the 21 km route.

Own drinks allowed – Deliver yuor own drinks to the Pärjänkievari Tourist office  by 10.00 am. Label yuo bottle well to avoid mixing.

Obligatory equipment of the competitior in the competion telephone  event number 0400 346097 saved number plate will be distributed in the Participant Material other instructions for competitors.

At the intersections of the paths, sings and route markings – red flags.

Leave yuos eguipment bag at the place of departure – write yuor name. Equipment bags can be obtained from the Pärjänkievari Competion office after the run.

The racerun trails and boardwalks in the terrain.

The best of each series and the draw of all will be rewarded.

Sauana/Bathing at Pärjänkievari – quidance in the competion office.